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Terms of use

Terms Of Use


You insure by real information while you're creating an account on DCCBazar Online shop. This will ensure that the orders can be verified and delivered veritably fluently.

 It must also be understood that should anything while you're logged into your DCCBazar account, you're going to be good responsible. 


Under no circumstances are you allowed to take information similar as account names, dispatch addresses or any contact information of similar kind for your marketable benefit.

User ID:

When you register onDCCBazar.com, you'll admit a‘ User ID’. No bone differently is allowed to pierce DCCBAZAR using your log-in credentials. It's your responsibility to make sure that no bone gets access using your credentials. Still, please don't vacillate to inform us if anyone is trying to gain access using your USER ID without authorization.

Each deal comes with a specific set of terms. You would learn about those terms when you decide to buy that particular deal. Tickets Validations or tickets that are offered on DCCBazar won't be compensated with cash or if it's collected through other alternate or third party sources.


Neither there will be any refund when one wants to recapture the part of the testimonial that has been paid for, nor will there be any refund for the promotional part of the testimonial.

Reference Number:

We at DCCBazar won't take any responsibility should there be a case of lost or stolen validations or testimonial reference figures. Still, in similar cases, the trafficker can give the service to the person who produces the pasteboard first.

Any kind of duplication, trade or trade of a testimonial is rigorously interdicted.

We've the rights to determine if the contents that you have submitted are in agreement with our principles and if it complies with our terms of services or not. Nevertheless, we also bear the right to put an end to your account, with or without previous notice.