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Baby lotion is a must have for your baby. Your baby deserves the best skin care products but sometimes the prices are a bit steep to get the best for your kid. However, in Dccbazar, baby lotion prices in Bangladesh are so versatile and diverse that anyone can now afford one of the best baby lotions for their kids. Baby lotion price in Bangladesh normally ranges between 150 taka to 800+ taka. While quality is one of the main reasons for the high and low pricing, another reason why some baby lotion prices in Bangladesh are high is because they are normally imported from western countries like the United States of America or the United Kingdom. Imports have the added cost of the shipping which makes it pricier but still many parents choose foreign lotions over local products because many think foreign products are better. While the statement of that is partially true, trust us when we say local products work just as fine plus they come within a budget making it affordable for every pair of parents in a growing economy like Bangladesh. Hence don’t wander around thinking which one to get for your kid and come to Dccbazar to choose from a huge range of baby lotions and their prices and get the best one you can afford today!