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Wet wipes for baby are literally the best friend to a parent while nappy changing sessions. Wet wipes for baby are used to cleanse the sensitive skin of a baby, especially the bottom portion of a baby. Wet wipes for baby are easy to use and cleans any dirt very easily making it a must have for households with babies. Clean baby wipes price also comes in a huge variety of choices. Starting from as low as 180 taka for 120 pcs to 500 taka +. Wet wipes for baby are normally very cheap from both local and foreign companies. Local brands include Twinkle and Bashundhara whereas foreign brands include Huggies and Pampers. Normally the local and foreign brands literally function in the same way but a slight difference could be found on different brands like different smell, different moisture and the sizes of the sheets used. Clean baby wipes are normally cheap so everyone can afford it which makes it super attractive to parents. Baby wipes also help keep your baby’s skin moisturized because of the glycerin that is present on the wipes. But if you’re wondering where to get them at cheap baby wipes prices, then Dccbazar is your place. Starting from local to foreign brands, every available choice will be there for you at Dccbazar, so get your clean baby wipes today only from Dccbazar.