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Using baby talcum powder on your baby is important. It is important to keep your baby fresh and free of rash all the time with the help of baby talcum powder. But using them from the container itself is such a hassle. It does not spread perfectly and it only sprinkles itself on some spots. But what if we told you there’s a product that literally makes it so much easier to apply on your baby? Yes, we got the product of the century. A powder puff case! It is a case to put in the baby talcum powder on and a puff to spread the baby talcum powder on your baby. The puff that will be inside the powder puff case is made of soft, wool-like material that is gentle and soft to your baby’s skin. You can also get a powder puff case in different colours and shapes. Powder puff cases usually come in red, blue and yellow colours but you can find even more colour alternatives here at Dccbazar. Another great thing about shopping in Dccbazar is, you will also be able to get smaller or bigger powder puff cases within different price ranges. These are normally very cheap so you might find one of these at every household in Bangladesh. Which comes to, even adults use it to ease their use of talcum powder. All together, it is a win-win product and you should definitely get yourself or your baby one of these today at Dccbazar.