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Just like babies, your hair also needs the best hair treatment. It also needs to be taken care of, massaged and moisturised. However, hair treatment procedures are so expensive in beauty parlours and salons that it is nearly impossible to take care of your hair on a daily basis in a developing country in Bangladesh where everyone can not afford the best hair treatments. That is why, why don't you get the same hair treatment mask at home? It is super easy to make and is super cheap so taking care of your hair on a daily basis in Bangladesh will not be impossible anymore. If you have dry hair, the only products you will need are: mayonnaise, olive oil/ coconut oil and egg yolks; and if you have oily hair, the only products you will need are: lemon, honey, apple cider vinegar and water. There are other alternatives as well that will work just as well as the ones mentioned above, for that you only have to search it up online. But do you know what the similarity of all the hair treatment masks at home have? All the ingredients that you will need for the hair treatment mask at home will be inclusively available at Dccbazar. So here we present the best solution for your hair treatment, and therefore buy all the ingredients only from Dccbazar today! Also ready-made hair treatment masks are also available at Dccbazar which are scientifically curated for your type of hair!