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Baby Nokshi Katha

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Nokshi kantha is a type of embroidered quilt which is a centuries-old art Bengali tradition. These nokshi kathas are normally manufactured in the Bengal region, notably in Bangladesh and Indian states of West Bengal, Tripura and also in some parts of Assam. The main attraction of these nakshi kathas is the way these are stitched. The running stitch on nokshi kathas is called "kantha stitch''. This is the main stitch used for the purpose of making a nokshi katha. These beautiful nokshi kathas are also made in small sizes also called baby nokshi kathas. They are incredibly popular as presents that are gifted to newborn babies. Baby nokshi katha price in Bangladesh starts from as low as just 170 taka to as high as 500 taka and more. The quality mainly differs on the prices. The higher the quality, the higher the price of baby nokshi katha. Baby nokshi katha price in Bangladesh is pretty cheap so many people prefer to give them to newborns as they are both traditional and comfortable making it a great present. That is why visit Dccbazar to get the best baby nokshi kathas at the best baby nokshi katha price in Bangladesh for your baby or to give them to newborn babies as a present today!