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Babies need to be given liquid food at the first stage of their life. They don’t have teeth so it’s also impossible for them to eat solid food. But liquid baby food can’t be put on plates, so where do you put it while you feed the food to your baby? You don’t have the correct answer? Well, we do! It’s the baby feeding bowls from Dccbazar. Baby feeding bowls are the most convenient object you can use to feed your baby and help teach your baby self feeding. These are made with silicone and are very tough. At a growing age like theirs, they are bound to be curious about stuff like kicking the pillow, throwing the bowl away or hitting themselves with the feeding bowl. But the baby feeding bowls from Dccbazar are made with tough silicone ensuring it won’t break when it’s thrown and it’s also safe so when your baby hits themselves with it, they won’t be hurt. These baby feeding bowls also help minimize mess as much as possible. Plus, these beauties come in different colours making it amusing to your babies as well. These different coloured bowls could also be used to teach them about colours making it educational too. So, don’t hesitate and get your baby feeding bowls from Dccbazar today!